I Want It And I Want It NOW!


A big problem with the profession of yoga today is the same problem with the profession of pilates – too many people think they have the “right” to be a pilates or yoga teacher.

The lack of intuition, body awareness, teaching ability or even practice does not bother such a person. They will gladly buy a piece of paper – and the institutions that offer such pieces of paper will gladly sell it to them – so that they can call themselves a pilates or yoga teacher.

While it would be easy to conclude that the public is an innocent victim in all of this, the fact is that much like complaining about incompetent political leaders, we get what we deserve because we are unwilling to face truth. We elect those who tell us what we want to hear despite evidence that these elected officials act in a way contrary to those desires.

With our money, we pay for yoga classes that are cheap and at worse, dangerous. Much about the industry is now product, body image, elitism and marketing rather than peace, self-acceptance and seeing all people as equals.

The professions of yoga and pilates will not be able to heal others until they are themselves healed.

Off the mat and into the world, indeed.